Our Mission

Like the thread of microfiber that is woven together to create our powerful cloths, we connect Norwex employees and Consultants from all over the globe and empower them to make a positive impact right where they live. By coming together, we will create a brighter future for our communities, our environment and future generations through the efforts of the people and the organizations we support.

Our Programs

Grassroots Charitable Giving

Since the inception of our charitable giving program in 2013, Norwex has donated more than $1 Million to Consultant-nominated charitable organizations across the globe.

Here are just a few of the local organizations awarded support recently based on the enthusiastic nominations of Consultants familiar with their work.

Norwex Cares Disaster Kits

In partnership with Norwex, the Norwex Foundation for a Brighter Future will provide Disaster Kits of Norwex products to families and organizations that have experienced a disaster or trauma such as a flood, fire or tornado. It is our hope that these kits will aid in care and cleanup as homes and communities are rebuilt.

Norwex Cares Disaster Kits
Shiloh Field

“Shiloh Field, at 14.5 acres, is the largest community garden in the USA... The quality of crop that Shiloh Field produces and donates is pure, homegrown, healthful organic food free from chemicals and fresh from the garden... Over 14 local charities, food banks, and non-profits receive crop donations from Shiloh Field. Amazing!” 
Nominating Consultant Ginny Estrada

Kid Knits

“KidKnits was founded by a nine-year-old knitter, Ellie Zika... I am awestruck by the great work that the organization does... Through the fair trade import of handspun yarn from women living and working in poverty in developing countries, KidKnits offers a simple craft kit for a student that is integrated with a comprehensive service learning." 
Nominating Consultant Gretchen Heiar

Mt. Hope Sanctuary Inc.

Mt. Hope Sanctuary Inc.


“Seeing [a friend] give her hostess specials to Mt. Hope inspired me… Mt. Hope is a non-profit, faith-based program that assists women and their children who are committed to achieving self-sufficiency... Why shouldn’t they live in a safe haven?”
Nominating Consultant Tina Sawatzky

Charitable Partnerships

Through partnerships with other charitable organization, the Norwex Foundation helps support programs that will create brighter futures for our communities, our environment and our future generations.

Key Partner

The Washed Ashore Project is a non-profit, community-based organization with a mission of educating and creating awareness about marine debris and plastic pollution through art. Washed Ashore is a project of The Artula Institute for Arts & Environmental Education, whose mission is to provide opportunities to express and teach environmental issues through the arts. Earn Eco Points to support our primary partner by participating at... Show PWS Link Here

Key Partner

How You Can Help

Toddler Bib and Cloth

Your purchase will allow Norwex to donate a minimum of $50,000 of the proceeds from the Toddler Bib and Cloth to the Norwex Foundation for a Brighter Future in support of our programs.

Donation made from purchases January 1 to December 31, 2019.

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Kid's Envirocloth

Wet Mop Pad Made from 70% Recycled Materials

From January 1 to July 31, 2018, Norwex will donate a portion of the proceeds from each Wet Mop Pad made from 70% recycled materials to the Norwex Foundation for a Brighter Future.

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Recycled Wet Mop Pad

Share the Brochure

This brochure is perfect for taking to your parties to show your guests how they can help us create brighter futures. New Consultants will also receive a Foundation Brochure in the Party Starter Kit.


Make A Donation

Add a donation to your next Norwex order and help the Norwex Foundation create brighter futures for generations to come!

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Visit www.NorwexFoundation.org for more information on the Norwex Foundation for a Brighter Future.